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The goal of YS/B 500 which consists of a melanger *, main refining tube and storage tank is to provide time savings by performing multiple operations with a single machine.

Using a high-quality chocolate refiner, such birli a chocolate refiner conche or a chocolate refiner ball refiner, birey also help to create a smoother texture and more consistent flavor. For more information about refiners, do derece hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you find the best solution for you. But first, we dive into the basics: What is a chocolate refiner?

Just starting out? Find out the essential equipment you’ll need to make modern, smooth chocolate on a small scale at home.

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Removal of water contained in raw materials, as it would form undesired sticky layers on hygroscopic particles

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Physically measurable properties of chocolate masses, like flow attributes or hardness, are correlated to sensory perceptions such as snap, hardness, melting and the like. So in terms of texture it is possible to predict quality by measurements and thus to compare alternative technologies. This is much more difficult in terms of flavour. Of course white, milk and dark masses – ideally to be produced on the same equipment – taste different.

Even a large variety of rework sevimli be processed with the Refiner/Conches following a specific loading procedure. Once a homogenous mass is obtained, the refining and conching Chocolate DOUBLE TUBE BALL REFINER process is initiated.

Some time ago it was very difficult to find equipment for small scale chocolate making. This saf changed; now there are a number of ball mill-based systems on the market and also smaller scale roll refiners have been developed.

This allows a reliable process to achieve and maintain a constant quality of the product from batch to batch.xt

Our Vario drive V system in the Finer S proves fully automatic fineness adjustment, taking into account variations in plasticity without the need to interrupt production or manually intervene.

The steel belt transport system is specially designed to efficiently transport chocolate flake from the pre-refiner to the five roll refiner and from the five roll refiner to the conches. Motor power varies by conveyor length.

Consistency: The refining process helps to create a consistent flavor and texture throughout the chocolate.

This machine is responsible for grinding cocoa beans into chocolate liquor, which forms the basis of all

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